What’s New

Date Description
January 19, 2019 Added Sequoia-Kings Canyon end of season ranger reports for 2004-2015. Added FOIA court settlement document from 2018 to the court documents page. Added new Comment letters from the public page to resources section. Added new Meadow reports page to resources section. Updated "Commercial Stock Use" and "Dead Stock" files in ranger reports page to include new ranger report data.
December 6, 2018 Updated pages for better display on smartphones. Added official HSHA logo to the top of every page. Removed mountain image graphic that displayed on the left side of every page. Added photos from the High Sierra to home page. Removed expired hiker alert. Removed web ring link.
September 19, 2016 Added formal HSHA comment letter regarding the Yosemite Wilderness Stewardship Plan.
August 9, 2016 Added Hiker Alert and fundraising appeal.
May 21, 2016 Added HSHA Sequoia-Kings Canyon FOIA legal complaint. Removed obsolete information from Links page.
April 15, 2015 You can now make membership payments online using a credit card or PayPal. Changed the address for membership payments.
November 13, 2014 Added studies to the Water Quality Studies page; added letters to the HSHA Comment Letters page
November 11, 2014 Added Sequoia-Kings Canyon end of season ranger reports. Reorganized Resources page. Added a link to a map of the Sierra Nevada in the Where is the High Sierra? page.
April 27, 2012 Added new press release to the Media Center page
January 27, 2012 Added new press release to the Media Center page and new court decision to the Resources page
December 6, 2011 New edition of Place Names of the Sierra Nevada on the links page
September 1, 2011 Removed expired Hiker Alert
August 20, 2011 Updated links page
August 1, 2011 Added Hiker Alert in Current Issues
October 27, 2009 Added new newsletter; added additional resources; updated links
September 30, 2009 Added new Media Center page to site with current press release for that page
May 8, 2008 Added May 2008 Muir-Adams court document to Resources; added new Sample Newsletters page
November 25, 2007 Updated an Essay; added new recommended video to Links
November 1, 2007 Added October 2007 Muir-Adams court document to Resources
March 13, 2007 Added Emigrant dams court decision to Resources; removed expired Hiker Alert in Current Issues
January 10, 2007 Added Hiker Alert in Current Issues; added Derlet and Carlson Water Quality Study to Resources; changed web fonts via style.css
January 9, 2007 Added member privacy policy in Join Us; removed expired Hiker Alert in Current Issues
December 27, 2006 Updated membership information in Join Us; added listing for Kenan video in Links
May 26, 2006 Updated Hiker Alert
February 23, 2005 Posted new Hiker Alert in place of expired one
January 5, 2005 Posted HSHA v. Blackwell court decision (December 2004) and HSHA comments on SEKI draft GMP (October 2004) in Resources; updated link to mountain yellow-legged frog web site in Resources; tweaked favicon.ico so corners are transparent
October 21, 2004 Posted new Hiker Alert in place of expired one
July 28, 2004 Added new Hiker Alert; fixed link to Secor book in Links; added favicon.ico; fixed link to webring on front page; removed link to The Giveaway of the West by the San Jose Mercury News (it's no longer available online)
July 6, 2003 Corrected U.S. Forest Service links in Links
May 6, 2003 Added link to Links
February 21, 2002 Posted new High Sierra Hikers Ass'n v. Powell court decision in Resources
January 6, 2002 Added link to Links; folded info from Research Papers section into Resources
December 20, 2001 Removed old Hiker Alert; updated references section of fish stocking paper; added Resources link to bottom of main web pages; updated links in the Links web page
December 4, 2001 Added new Resources section
July 11, 2001 Removed expired Hiker Alert; removed old links; re-added “The Giveaway of the West” Research Paper link
March 14, 2001 Added new Hiker Alerts; removed expired Hiker Alerts
January 4, 2001 Updated Research Papers page with new links and removed a dead link
January 3, 2001 Added new Hiker Alert; removed expired Hiker Alerts
October 12, 2000 We're now a 510(c)(3) organization- changed How You Can Help and Join Us pages to reflect that; added new Hiker Alert; removed expired Hiker Alerts; other minor edits for clarity
August 16, 2000 Clarified contact info
May 10, 2000 Updated citation in fish stocking issue paper
May 4, 2000 Added new Hiker Alert; removed expired Hiker Alerts
April 24, 2000 Added new Hiker Alert; removed expired Hiker Alert
March 27, 2000 Added new Hiker Alert
January 26, 2000 Minor updates to two pages
January 4, 2000 Added new Hiker Alert
December 5, 1999 Removed expired Hiker Alert; added three new comics; added new Research Papers link; added missing figure to Grazing research paper
October 10, 1999 Changed letter due date for Hiker Alert regarding grazing damage in Sequoia National Park; added links to Great West Books; changed “Issue Papers” to “Research Papers”; other minor changes
September 13, 1999 Added Grazing issue paper; added new essay; added HTML text for Sierra web ring; fixed a number of minor items
September 12, 1999 Added Hiker Alerts regarding grazing damage in Sequoia National Park and Lake Tahoe
July 12, 1999 Added Fish Stocking issue paper
July 7, 1999 Added Clearing the Air essay
June 1, 1999 Miscellaneous minor updates: Changed Links page & added custom 404 File Not Found page
May 25, 1999 Miscellaneous minor updates: Rearranged Links page & edited/added links; added meta keywords & description to every page; updated Emigrant Dams info
Mar. 29, 1999 Miscellaneous minor updates
Mar. 23, 1999 Added new "What's New," and "Essays" Sections; moved original home page to "About the HSHA"; moved first issue paper to essay section
Mar. 21, 1999 Added new "Issue Papers" section
Mar. 18, 1999 Added new Hiker Alert regarding the Emigrant Dams