Water Quality Studies

The following studies describe the water quality in wilderness areas. These studies are in PDF format.

Year Description
2012 Derlet, R.W., and others. 2012. Impact of Summer Cattle Grazing on the Sierra Nevada Watershed: Aquatic Algae and Bacteria. Journal of Environmental and Public Health. 7 pp.
2012 Derlet, R.W., and C.R. Goldman. 2012. Letter from scientists to National Park Service summarizing research on the impacts of packstock on wilderness water quality in the High Sierra. 5 pp.
2010 Hayden, C., and others. 2010. Periphyton in Alpine Lakes and Streams along the John Muir Trail in the Sierra Nevada: Relationship to Human Impact. Journal of Mountain Medicine and Ecology 2(1):2-16.
2010 Derlet, R.W., and others. 2010. Reducing the impact of summer cattle grazing on water quality in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California: a proposal. Journal of Water and Health 8(2):326-333.
2008 Derlet, R.W. 2008. Backpacking in Yosemite and Kings Canyon National Parks and Neighboring Wilderness Areas: How Safe Is the Water to Drink? Journal of Travel Medicine 15(4):209-215.
2008 Derlet, R.W., and others. 2008(a). Risk Factors for Coliform Bacteria in Backcountry Lakes and Streams in the Sierra Nevada Mountains: A 5-Year Study. Wilderness and Environmental Medicine 19(2):82-90.
2008 Derlet, R.W., and others. 2008(b). Risk Factors for Coliform Bacteria in Sierra Nevada Mountain Wilderness Lakes and Streams. International Journal of Wilderness 14(1):28-31.
2006 Derlet, R.W. and J.R. Carlson. 2006. Coliform Bacteria in Sierra Nevada Wilderness Lakes and Streams: What Is the Impact of Backpackers, Pack Animals, and Cattle? Wilderness and Environmental Medicine 17(1):15-20.